H.E.L.P. Intern
Interns are undergraduate or graduate students who volunteer a minimum of six hours a week to assist with local H.E.L.P. activities.  These include mailings, face book or web activity, phone calls, grant applications, fund-raising projects, speaking to interested groups, or other activities.  Interns cannot be paid, as H.E.L.P. does not pay any U.S. employees, however, they will be given recognition documentation of their work for job applications, recommendations, or volunteer our credits with a non-profit.

H.E.L.P. Prayer Leader
These are those who feel called to pray for H.E.L.P. They communicate active requests and also interceded regularly with prayer groups in the area.  As they are able, we ask that they hold at least quarterly prayer meetings or updates in their area.  Our desire is to have H.E.L.P. prayer warriors all over the world!

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