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Do you have a desire to HELP those living in developing countries?

Are you a  medical, veterinary, public health, or agriculture post-graduate student interested in seeing how to really help those living in developing countries?  Learn alongside with nationals who want to HELP THEMSELVES as you partner with them in a unique, grassroots approach.

Currently we have a particular need for those in poultry science, veterinary medicine, and soil science. Research opportunities and ideas are abundant.


This is a volunteer position, and you must pay for room, board, medical insurance and other expenses. However, we can give fund-raising ideas and occasionally do have grants available.  Some universities allow study abroad funds for these experiences, as well.


Room and board is available for a very reasonable fee, in a clean volunteer apartment located at our training headquarters.  We will also assist you in finding flights, visas, medical insurance, logistics, and coordinate transportation to and from the airport to the country headquarters. 


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