Health programs

Free healthcare training and the development of Village Health Workers and Traditional Birth Assistants are cornerstones of H.E.L.P.'s Health Programs.

The areas of the Himalayas where H.E.L.P. labors are among the least developed in the world. With nearly one woman dying every 12 hours in childbirth, average life expectancy of women in some areas is as low as 37 years.  Because of this and high infant mortalities, basic health care is essential for successful development. 


H.E.L.P. conducts free monthly health trainings and refresher trainings for Christian leaders both in the headquarters and in the villages.  These trainings focus on developing compassionate Village Health Workers and Traditional Birth Assistants.  These young people volunteer their services, but are given close follow-up, continued training, and encouragement as they preach the gospel through their daily lives in their own villages, as well as provide basic preventive and curative health services in areas where there is none.


They also teach villagers how to build simple toilets, purify water, and conduct first aid.


The smokeless stove program, one of the least expensive and most successful programs developed by H.E.L.P., has saved countless lives through preventing burns on infants and lung disease in women. Through a variety of “models”, depending on the altitude, H.E.L.P. staff and volunteers give hands-on training of how to make a simple mud stove using locally available resources. These stoves allow smoke to escape from the house and conserves firewood.

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