Want to get volunteer hours, have fun, and REALLY DO SOMETHING!

Want to get volunteer hours, have fun, and REALLY DO SOMETHING!  Have a musical concert, a dance recital, a fun run, a bake sale – and have 100% of the proceeds go to whatever aspect of HELP you would like.  If you want to raise funds for literacy, agriculture, animal husbandry, or the orphanage - just specify, and we will designate the money in that area.  We will recognize you and your organization on our web site, and in a certificate. Most of all, you will be helping to partner with nationals in the Himalayas who want to develop their OWN country.  

H.E.L.P. Prayer Leader
These are those who feel called to pray for H.E.L.P. They communicate active requests and also interceded regularly with prayer groups in the area.  As they are able, we ask that they hold at least quarterly prayer meetings or updates in their area.  Our desire is to have H.E.L.P. prayer warriors all over the world!

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Literacy, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Children's Home