Animal Husbandry Programs

Animal Husbandry programs work in tandem with H.E.L.P Agriculture programs to give farmers new paths to success and health.
The health of the animal often determines the health of the family in agrarian societies. 
Working closely with the agriculture department, the animal husbandry department trains farmers throughout the Himalayas how to raise goats, chickens, cows, water buffalos, and pigs. 
Village veterinarians, trained by H.E.L.P. staff, supervise vaccination outreaches and provide affordable medications for animals.

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Success Stories

Udda's Goats
Udda Kumari is a mother of eight children. With H.E.L.P. assistance and goat training, she now has food to eat, and is able to improve...
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Goats Bring Joy
Subindra is a courageous and clever youth who was rejected by his family and community after he decided to follow Christ.  He has raised goats...
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From Two to Twenty-Seven
Though I wanted to study a lot, unfortunately, I couldn’t go to school after grade five.  After getting married, and having six children, I had to face...
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Spiritual and Physical Food
Following are translated testimonies from individuals touched by H.E.L.P.
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