Agriculture programs

H.E.L.P. is redefining successful farming and agriculture programs.
The extreme rocky topography of the Himalayas makes successful subsistence farming a challenge. This challenge, coupled with the fact that crop production determines the income and health of the family, amplifies the need for the successful farming protocols taught through H.E.L.P. programs. 
Our H.E.L.P. agriculturalist and team has started over 27 farmer field schools and cooperatives. We continue expanding the message of organic, pesticide free farming to starving farmers. 
Mushroom growing, vermiculture, composting, use of Effective Microorganism (EM), floriculture, and fruit cultivation are some of the agriculture topics taught.

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H.E.L.P. in Action

Binoj...A Life Changed
Binoj and his wife have two daughters and one son. He has a small house but is living on his landowner's...


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Seed Bank...A Unique Return on Investment

Farmers are given seeds, and in return agree to contribute back into the seed bank after their harvest. In this...

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Soil Testing...A Growing Success!
Our agriculturalist's vision has been to not only share his faith in Christ and uplift the standard of living of the poor Himalayan farmer, but also to...
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Real People...CHANGED LIVES!
Mr. Bahadur was desperately poor and had no farmland. He came to know Christ as his Savior recently, and the local H.E.L.P. farmer group taught...
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