How you can h.e.l.p.

H.E.L.P. is completely dependent on volunteers, and all donations can go to the field to help people who need it!

Your time, commitment, prayers, and money go further this way.  In the same way, the nationals we partner with in the Himalayas give of their time. We have over 500 national volunteers  serving to teach other farmers, helping women in deliveries (traditional birth assistants), providing basic medical care(village health workers), and teaching their neighbors better veterinary practices.


By volunteering TOGETHER we can change the world and truly fulfill the mandate in Matthew 22:39 to “love our neighbors as ourselves.”


Interns are undergraduate or graduate students who volunteer a minimum of six hours a week to assist with local...

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Want to get volunteer hours, have fun, and REALLY DO SOMETHING!  Have a musical concert, a dance recital, a ....

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Would you like to change
the world, and see those
who have never heard of
Jesus have the chance to
know him in ...

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Are you a  medical, veterinary, public health, or agriculture post-graduate student interested in seeing how to really...

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