Seed Starters

In the Himalayas, the number of teens without any foreseeable way to earn a living is growing. This problem, combined with the lack of land, and the growing dependency on aid for abandoned and orphaned kids, demands new and creative solutions.

SEED STARTERS is one such solution. It is a project to empower young Christians to learn...

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Children's Home

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Mark 10:14

Due to civil wars, economic turmoil, and poverty, many areas of the Himalayas have both street children, and orphans who have no place to live and be loved.  Started in 2003, House of Light currently has 44 children who are loved and cared for. This home is unique in that children receive music, art, and sports classes, as well as private education, and teaching in the Word of God.


To assist orphaned or extremely impoverished children who have a relative with whom to live, the Light of Life program was started in 2004.  This program works through local churches and pays for the child’s books and tuition at a local school, as well as a meal a day.  Those interested in supporting a child may sign up as “prayer partners” and receive letters and photos, approximately twice a year.


Currently we are building a second building so the community development training can be separate from our children's home.  With many of our children becoming teens, we also have a need for a vocational training center. Even with a grade 10 education, jobs are scarce.  In addition to attending a good school, our children learn how to plant crops, raise animals, and sew.  The children in Light of Life program, who do not live at the HELP home, also are in need of vocational services.  Please pray as we develop means to help these young people grow in their faith in Christ, and be able to earn a living. 


Some of our children have special health needs such as leprosy, hemophilia, tuberculosis, and learning problems.  We also need funds to pay for further education for those gifted academically. 


If you are interested in writing or helping fund a child in House of Light, we request at least $25 a month (our costs are $35-45).  For Light of Life, through local churches, we request at least $10 a month, preferably given annually or quarterly.  These children only come to our headquarters once a year for a yearly Bible camp, but our staff see them on visits to their communities.  We have no special staff and no fancy materials, so all of your money actually goes to the children. Please email us for more details.