Developing Written Publications

We are thrilled that the H.E.L.P. national missionaries have produced many different pamphlets in local languages – the first ever produced on some of these subjects in this region of the Himalayas.  Topics include composting, smokeless stoves, agriculture practices, and goat health.  These are already being requested by other organizations as well.  Pray for swiftness as we develop our own materials in literacy using the Bible.


Our agriculture department has now also started publishing the first farmers' newsletter - sharing both new farming techniques and organic pest control with the truth of the Word of God.


Our two literacy workers have now produced and published a third level Christian literacy book.  Our introductory level class uses the government literacy book, but our advanced classes use our own books complete with Christian stories and encouragement. To the right is one of our literacy graduates who is now able to read the local newspaper.





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