Literacy...A Church Planting Tool

“Churches are blessed as the church members can read their Bible and sing hymns, most participants became able to read and write in simple local language, most non-believers got the chance to hear the gospel.  Some nonbeliever participants became Christians and one pastor learned to read and write.”  (H.E.L.P. National Literacy Coordinator)


The local believers are following Christ’s example to love Him first, and love their neighbor as themselves by teaching their neighbors to read, write, and do simple math.  National Christians are continuing to use the literacy classes as a church planting tool.

Ladies and children taking a final comprehensive

literacy exam in a village in the mountains.

No government classes are available in these areas.


Local Gideons now donate Bibles to those graduates who complete the advanced literacy class. Books are expensive and rare in the village, but this enables the students to continue learning, and progressing in their knowledge.  

Literacy class members hold their health books
which they can now read.



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