Smokeless Stoves Program

Early lung disease and gangrenous limbs on children are a sad part of life where fire is a source for cooking, heat, and light.  Traditional rural Himalayan homes have no ventilation. As a result, cooking and heating with wood inside the home creates an extremely unhealthy environment.


Most women have symptoms of lung disease by age 30.  Babies and young children frequently die, or are maimed, by rolling into the fire, or from pneumonia due to a combination of bacteria and poor ventilation.


H.E.L.P. agriculture, animal husbandry, health, and literacy departments all work together to educate on the need for a simple mud pipe which is attached under the cooking area. This simple pipe both speeds the effectiveness of cooking (utilizing less wood) as well as eliminates smoke from within the home.  We now have multiple designs - with larger stoves, built off the ground (to prevent children's burns) to those using solar battery kindling or charcoal briquettes. 


Not only has this program saved lives and health of thousands, it provides income to those who learn how to build these "stoves" for their neighbors, and the training, in which Scripture reading and prayer is always a part, has led to many following Christ.




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