Traditional Birth Assistants

Most women who live in the Himalayan region served by H.E.L.P. deliver babies with the assistance of only their mother-in-law, or in some castes, alone in the goat shed.  Although well-trained TBA's decrease maternal and infant mortality and morbidity, most funding for these programs has stopped and been shifted to health centers. Sadly, most women are either afraid to, or unable to access more sophisticated care. 


H.E.L.P.-trained TBA's must be a mature Christian, committed to serving her community regardless of caste. This means she must go into the home of a low-caste woman, even if this is unacceptable in her culture.  She must come for a 10 day training, and regularly receives refresher trainings and follow-up visits from our full-time staff.  In communities where we work, we have been able to see improved nutrition (due to education on diet and provision of iron) and decrease in death of both mothers and infants.

 "So many women died in childbirth in my village. After knowing Christ as my Savior I had the opportunity to attend the H.E.L.P. TBA training.  They gave me kits for safe delivery, and taught me what to do in emergencies.  The same night I arrived home, someone came to my house for help. I went to her home, and did all the things they taught me, while praying - and the baby delivered!  Next, the mother could not deliver the placenta. I prayed again, and did what I was taught (put the baby to nurse on the breast) and it delivered too.  I saved the life of the mother and baby!"


H.E.L.P. has hundreds of trained TBA's who continue to minister the gospel and healing of Christ.




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