Projects needing funding


Seed Cost: $1000 for: Sewing machine, training, and other equipment needed.


Urmilla is very excited and ready to start this project. She, in turn,

will teach other






Seed Cost: $1,500 for: training and plants


Nira and Bikash want to use their entrprenurial spirit

to start a business which would not only supoport themselves, but would also generate income for H.E.L.P. in Nepal.




Seed Cost: $4800 which will be used for training, certification, equipment and ovens. They will also have a small fleet of bicycles for kids to deliver bread.


Himani and others want to start a bakery. This endeavor will provide a needed and basic source of nourishment for area residents.




Seed Cost: Egg layers and fryers for 300 chickens each -

$1500 and $1300, respectively.


This will employ,

feed, and provide

on-going income

for many of the children.


Seed Starters for Kids

We are training our children who are growing up in the orphanage to be the future trainers for a vocational training school for teens in Nepal. With the growing number of teens without any way to earn a living, lack of land, and especially, for abandoned and orphaned kids, the growing dependency on aid, SEED STARTERS is a project to empower young Christians to learn the Bible, life skills, and survive on their own. They in turn, teach the unreached Hindu and Buddhist young people about Christ.

What is a "Seed Project?"
This is a project in which you sew the seed (funding), and much fruit is produced in giving these children a chance to work and support themselves.


These children, and more, are nearly or over 18, and just completed or in their final year of where they can work or study They will be the key leaders to start the teen vocational training program which we will be opening up to many destitute teens from rural areas and other orphanages that have no means of livelihood.

Please forward this email to any friends, and if you would like more details on exact budgets, and how you, a Sunday school, or youth group can be a part, please email us at





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