Goats bring joy

Subindra is a courageous and clever youth who was rejected by his family and community after he decided to follow Christ. 
He has raised goats from his childhood, but never received proper training and education.  He began ministry work in the church at 22 years of age, and received short term Bible training.  Some villagers thought he was getting foreign money for being a Christian, so he was not trusted by the villagers. 
Through H.E.L.P. training, he began a livestock and farming production business, received advance goat training, and was sent to full training as a Village Animal Health Worker (VAHW).  He is now certified by the government, and is selling veterinary medicine for  reasonable prices in his village.  He has 4 female goats, 3 male goats, one castrated goat, and 4 kids.  He has already sold 3 goats and has given one goat gift to a poor church member.  
Now, through his service to his community the neighbors love and support him. He is able to share Christ to his village and be a more effective pastor. Through your gifts, you have been a part of Subindra's blessing and success, and to share the Word of Christ in actions and words.



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