From two to Twenty-Seven

Man Bahadur
Though I wanted to study a lot, unfortunately, I couldn’t go to school after grade five.  After getting married, and having six children, I had to face the financial difficulties everyday. Though I was facing difficulties in financial matters, I was trying my level best to get daily food for my children and wife.
Because of droughts and landslides in my village every year, my survival was even more difficult. I seemed to myself double older than my real age. When I started to raise ten goats at one time, I thought now I can slowly solve my daily problem, but unfortunately, one by one the goats started to die. There was neither veterinary health post nor anyone to give a suggestion to me. My goat cage started to dry up until I had only two goats.
When I was given the privilege to attend a goat training in my village given by H.E.L.P., I thought myself a very lucky person. After receiving all the knowledge regarding the diseases and how to raise the goat effectively, then my goats started to reproduce healthy goats. Soon after, my goat cage started to fill with goats slowly. I felt very happy and satisfied.
I started to build different cage for male and female goats as well as different cage for small baby goats. I started to sell the goats. Now I have twenty-seven goats, which helped me to send my children to school.  I heartily thanks to H.E.L.P. village vets for giving me such knowledge about raising goats.



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