Spiritual and physical food

Following are translated testimonies from individuals touched by H.E.L.P.

My name is Ratna and I live in a remote village in the Himalyan mountains. 


My wife became ill, and I went everywhere to cure my wife. But she didn't recover. At last, I came in a Christian church to heal my wife. My wife not only was healed in the Church, but I came to know God.  I also got the chance to participate in agriculture and livestock training.


We had difficulty growing enough food to eat before.  But when I got training, my orchard was filled with fruit trees; my goats became healthy and productive. I transplanted coffee trees and other herbal trees in my field. I was able to open small shop in my house. My income is rising.


My neighbors also know Christ by seeing good changes in me and my family's lives. Although they didn't received training, they are imitating my cultivation practices. I am low caste (Dalit) forced to beg to live but now with training, I used my skill and talent in farming and now I am able to earn enough for my daily expenses.


HELP organization not only open my eyes but also helped to bless the high caste from my skills. Thanks for Lord and the organization.



Sanu, from a village near the city, has a physical handicap. Though his mind is good, because he cannot walk normally he was made fun of by many people, and his own wife even left him to care for their two year old child, alone.  


He thought curses were on him, and no matter how hard he worked he could not earn money.  His son became very ill and the local witch doctors could not help; finally, despairing of all hope, he heard of Christ, the living God, and took his son for prayer.  God graciously healed his son, and he had the chance to take goat training through H.E.L.P. 


He learned how to raise goats, became a member of a farmer group, and was so hard-working that his village recommended him for the Village Animal Health Worker Training. Now he, a handicapped man, teaches his village neighbors how to care for their animals, and sells medicine to them.  He has even now started a farmer field school in his village.


He gives praise to the Living Lord and to H.E.L.P. for changing his life.




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