A life changed

Binoj and his wife have two daughters and one son. He has a small house but is living on his landowner's land as a caretaker. Even though he had cultivated rice, vegetables, fruit trees, and kept livestock, he still could barely feed his family. 


About three years ago he joined a Farmer’s group started by H.E.L.P.'s agriculture outreach workers. He soon attended our Agricultural and Animal Husbandry trainings.   Today, he is cultivating hybrid rice and corn in his irrigated field. He is also using an herbal pesticide (organic) and compost and produces enough abundance to sell the excess rice and corn at the market. 


He said, "I am only applying manure tea and compost in all my crops and vegetables. I don't need to use chemical fertilizer and pesticide. I use my sprayer for the application of manure tea. I don't need to purchase vegetables anymore. My vegetables field is always green.


"I built improved goat shed for goats. Fourteen goat kids died in one time before I took goat training. Now, I have thirteen goats and one cow and all are healthy. There is no problem of infertility. I am providing internal parasite medicine regularly in six months interval. I am making mineral block and regularly providing to my livestock.”


Just barely literate, he is a good example of a farmer who applied modern technology, using sustainable agriculture taught by H.E.L.P. agriculturalists, in the field. He is sending his children to school with the income from his farm.  Most importantly he and his family came to Christ and fellowship regularly in a local church.



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