Real People...Changed Lives!!!

Mr. Bahadur was desperately poor and had no farmland. He came to know Christ as his Savior recently, and the local H.E.L.P. farmer group taught him how to build a “smokeless” charcoal stove.


These briquettes, made from ashes, eggshell, and other available compost, are pressed into a mold. They replace wood and can be placed in a "smokeless stove" which converves both heat, wood, and forests.  He was amazed by the improved health of his family and ease of breathing with his new mud stove and chimney. 


He learned from H.E.L.P. how to make briquettes from compost materials, and use them in place of scarce wood for cooking. In his village he built 300 charcoal stoves and now sells briquettes in the market, earning a good income.


Mr. Rai, a poor farmer from another area, wanted to start growing mushrooms after the H.E.L.P. training in his village, but did not have enough money to buy the spores. The church farmer group gave him the seed money, and taught him how to grow them.  He is now providing food and income for himself and family, and sharing with others, and well as following Christ.  Thank you for being a part of changing lives spiritually and physically through H.E.L.P.!

Matthew 25:40 “Whatever you had done for the least of these, you had done for me.”



Praise God for changing lives through agriculture and income generation!



(Below are two translated testimonies)

"My name is Sun Maya. I live in a mountian village in the Himalayas. I have plenty of land, but it was difficult for me to have enough food and basic needs.  I had an opportunity to take grass cultivation training from H.E.L.P.  After that, I applied the knowledge to my composting.


"Then, I received goat keeping training , and a free goat, through the H.E.L.P. Farmer Group.   I was encouraged, and started goat keeping as business. This year I am able to sell four male goats and one goat kid and earn a good profit.  I also was able to give a gift of a nice goat to my Emmanuel Church during 12th annual spiritual service.


"I am blessed with giving tithe and offerings through goat keeping business. I am planning to use goat manure in my field and start spice crop cultivation. I would never have been able to start goat keeping business if I had not gotten goat keeping training from H.E.L.P. I never knew about internal parasite medication and mineral blocks."





(The following is a report from our head agriculturalist)
Mr. Kayastha is a member of a local church, and treasurer of the local H.E.L.P. Farmer Group. He had taken different kinds of trainings organized through H.E.L.P.  Because he is Albino, and had no education, he could not find a job and was looking for something he could do out of the sunshine.


The small teashop he ran could not provide enough money to feed his family or send his chidren to school.  He wandered here and there searching for a way to earn a living.  At last, when he learned to grow mushrooms, he was encouraged. He can now make mushroom balls inside his house and mushrooms require no sunshine. He made more than 40 balls of Kanye mushroom, and later Sitake mushroom logs.  He called me each time he encountered a problem. I went many times to his house. He has had to face disease problems in mushrooms and he treated it as I told him. He had made different mushroom sheds in his field. He sold mushrooms in his village and did not need to search for a market. He thanked H.E.L.P. and the Lord for helping him to find a way to earn income.




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