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Health Environmental and Learning Program (H.E.L.P.), founded in 1999 by an American doctor and an ecologist serving in the Himalayas, is an interdenominational Christian organization and community development program.


Using the model of Jesus' ministry to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of the poor, our focus is to equip the national church and assist them in developing their own community and ministering to people of all faiths. (Heb. 13:21, Gal 6:10.) Through Christian Community Development in the areas of literacy, animal husbandry, health, agriculture, income generation, and environment preservation, we serve the poor of the Himalayas in Asia.


National believers are encouraged to love Christ first, and then love their neighbors as themselves.  God continues to use H.E.L.P. daily to alleviate spiritual and physical poverty of the poor.


Our mission is to empower nationals.  Virtually all donations go the field – we have no paid US workers, no USA office rent, and almost no overhead.  The national workers receive pay for their professional work.We serve in a practical way while working in development. Full-time H.E.L.P. national workers use their livelihoods to share the love of Christ by serving their neighbors.

Here is a five minute short film about H.E.L.P and their mission in the Himalayas.



If you would like to assist in H.E.L.P.'s efforts, we have three ways through which you can donate.


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